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Walking: It’s EASY – you just have to walk in a straight line from the market square.

In a straight line leave from the North-East corner of the market square (North east corner is where there is a pharmacy). Take Kuźnicza street (the street with Masala the big indian restaurant). Keep going straight up past the naked swordsman statue, cross the university bridge, go past Dubois tram station, walk up Lokietka and finally turn right when you see the Grampa’s Hostel sign on pl. sw. Macieja.

As the main bus station is under costruction all the buses arrive to the temporary one, wchich is only 100 metres from the former bus station. It is now located in the parking lot of an administration building directly behind the platform access tunnel of Wrocław’s train station. That’s why we recommend walking to the train station to catch trams to the hostel from there.

The stop you need to walk to is called DWORZEC GŁ. PKP. Take the tram 11 – direction KROMERA, tram 9 – direction SĘPOLNO or tram 8 – Direction ZAWALNA. Doesn’t matter which one you’ll get on, all of them will take you to the tram stop called PL. BEMA, where you should get off. It is the fifth stop from the Main Train Station (or 6 stops away from the Main Bus Station -Dworzec Autobusowy in Polish. Tram 11 doesn’t stop there, though). The PL. BEMA tram stop is just past a big intersection with a modern glass building on the left side. To get to the hostel from there, go in the front of the glass building where the ING Bank is and keep following the street in the direction of the Rossman and Alior Bank. Keep going straight and just past the Telepizza you will cross the street onto a street called ul. H. Probusa (turning slightly diagonally right). Follow it until the end and you will get to pl. Św Macieja. Look to your left and you will see the hostel :)!

Take bus 106 to RENOMA (about 30-35 minutes). Once you get off at RENOMA stop, keep going in the direction of the tram. There should be a stream to your left and an intersection (Podwale/Świdnicka intersection) right ahead. Cross the street at the intersection. There should be a big shopping center called RENOMA and a tram stop next to it. Wait in front of the Renoma shopping center and get tram 7 direction POŚWIĘTNE (7 stops/10 minutes) and get off at PAULIŃSKA. From PAULIŃSKA you should be next to a small park. Face right, you should be walking with the park on your left. The hostel is 100 Meters from you on pl. Św Macieja street next to the shop with the green frog logo!

By Taxi: takes about 25 minutes and costs 55-60 PLN to the hostel.

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We always suggest using the JakDojade.pl, website, which is great for checking the various routes, connections and timetables of trams and buses.

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