Frequently Asked Questions

Is Grampa's Hostel located near city center?

Yes. We are a 5 minute walk to the Old Town and a 15 minute walk from the market square. We also have good tram and bus connections to anywhere within Wroclaw.
We think Wroclaw is a wonderful city – we encourage you to visit!

Is there any age restriction? Can I bring my family here? Can I bring a pet?

There are no age restrictions as we believe that travellers of all ages as well as families should be able to coexist in the hostel.

Families are welcome too. But because of guests who have allergies, we would prefer if you did not bring your furry pets inside the hostel.

Are there any hidden costs? Local tax? Do I have to pay for bed linen?

NO, there are no hidden costs, nothing like it! The price that is displayed when booking through the portal or our website is the final cost to pay. Bedding is included, like breakfast, Wi-Fi and use of computers.

Why should I choose Grampa's Hostel?

2 reasons. Because you will get more than you expected for the price and you will feel at home here 🙂

Do you accept Visa or Mastercard?

Yes, we do accept Visa, Mastercard and PayPal. When booking online, there are also other ways to pay!

If you encounter difficulties with payment – please contact us.

Where in the hostel can I leave my stuff?

In Grampa’s Hostel we provide you lockers for the collective rooms.
If your booking is for a private room – you will receive a key for the room 🙂

I don't have a booking but I've heard a lot about it and would like to check it out. Can I come hang out with Grampa?

Anyone and everyone is welcome to hang out at Grampa’s Hostel. Even if you do not have a booking here, you are welcome to hang out in Grampa’s awsome living room and kitchen for as long as you want.

We just asking you to be respectful of the paying guests and the premises. Basically respect Grampa’s funky style.

How do you pronounce Wrocław?

Vrots-wav 🙂

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